In the Modern era, where everyone looks for a great place to work, the ambience too matters as it speaks volumes about much a company cares for its employees and the brand. Here, Demountable glass partitions can play a significant role. Technology makes life simple and glass partitions make it incredible by doing more than just adding transparency.

Just like technology has evolved in any other space glass partitions have also seen magical innovations in last few years adding beauty to the boredom. Let’s see some of these innovations that can make your office look trendy and beautiful.

Modular Glass partition Walls.

Great workplaces are all properly segmented and wisely discipline. Modular Partitions can showcase the office space in a creative way, while simultaneously forming a contemporary atmosphere in the office.

The modular partition concept serves variety of business domains from industrial to retail and can fit every office need perfectly into any environment because of its adaptability. What it can give is – perfect rooms for meetings and protected areas for the relaxation of your staff. Thanks to the wide choice of modular partition colors, you can also harmony to it. Modular partitions are also very easily positioned, repositioned and remodeled according to your choice.

These partitions have sound-absorbing panels that keep your office matters under the wraps and ventilation management systems that avoid the claustrophobic feel in the room.

Responsive technology has touched the world of glass partitions and has replaced the stereotypical walls! The variety of materials and colors jinxed with technological tapestry do not only look beautiful, but also feel good and thus, they are a huge plus for your employee’s psychological well-being.

Transitionary smart Glass : nWho would have ever thought that Glasses will get smarter too?

But they did. First, they relieved many claustrophobics from the fear of closed spaces and then, they were transformed to accommodate others. Your smart glass can change like a magic from a transparent glass an opaque one, adding a new dimension to your office – Use what you need!

A switchable glass partition which makes this possible has two glass panes – clear and tinted, and a liquid crystal interlayer film binding them. The unique technology allows the glass to switch between the two layers with one giving a free view and other saving the secrets from trespassers. While casually, it looks like a normal glass, when you switch the glass on, the crystals scatter randomly between the two panes preventing both sides from peeking through.

This can be good option for spaces like a conference room and the much-needed privacy can be achieved just by the flip of a button. This glass can give your office a contemporary look and the variations allow you to add interesting effects from transparency and translucency.