When you think of productivity, you think of giving a great place to work to your employees. What comes to your mind is a list of creative and personal perks you can provide. But what if a simple thing like daylight that is always available to you at no cost can make a big difference to their productivity?

As per a survey conducted by an HR advisory firm on 1,614 employees in America, natural light is seen as one of the top attributes of a great workplace by employees. Natural light can reduce strain on their eyes, improve their moods, and reduce lethargy. As per the Future Workplace Employee Experience Study, 70% of the employees receiving natural light during work have experienced an improvement in their performances.

Office spaces are getting crowded and the hours people work in these offices are also increasing because the world today wants organizations to be on their toes and serving 24 hours. In such a world, the office has become a big part of the life of working professionals. For your staff to be productive, it is important that they work in a comfortable environment so if a simple play of natural light can work in your office, why not utilize it for best?

When employees are too much worked out and have extensive exposure to the technology devices, a simple daybreak is needed and if your workplace is imbued with natural light combined with natural scenes, the break can revitalize the spirits of your people. A simple walk in sun and a few minutes of unobstructed display of the world outside can make a huge difference.

Here are some ways, you can make your workplace lightened up for your employees –

  • Modular glass partitions can help you take the benefit of natural light by reducing the need for artificial light
  • If you cannot have too much of natural light leading to cubicles, have couches aligned in open spaces where you can let the light in so your employees can take rest there in breaks
  • Use of biophilic design elements like plans, water features, and landscapes can help enhance the office environment and give a sense of the presence of nature
  • Use of multisensory atriums can allow the natural light to diffuse into your office space

Here are some ways you can use glass partitions to get the maximum daylight benefit –

  • Demountable glass partitions can boost the light diffusion inside maximizing the absorption creating a freer-flowing and open workspace
  • Use glass partitions for meeting rooms to make it more pleasant and welcoming
  • Incorporate glass for high ceilings to allow light from floor to pass to the ceiling for maximum exposure
  • The use of partial frosting on glass partitions can create privacy for cabins and meeting rooms and still allow the light to enter from upper and lower parts of the partition. Privacy can also be maintained in full transparent glass meeting rooms by adding the blinds.
  • There are smart glasses that can change from transparent to translucent using a switch and can be used to create a flexible architecture
  • The use of glass walls in lobbies and atriums can create open spaces that are brightened by sunlight.
  • A series of demountable glass partitions can create open hallways that look welcoming and brightened

While retaining the daylight, you can also create appeal by working on aesthetics. For that, you can use designed frosting patterns and colors of your brand in glass partitions.