People working in open offices are bombarded with the noise generated by phone calls, nearby traffic, conversations between people, and music or videos played by employees, hum of electronic devices.

Modern workplaces are in dire need of change. Since their work primarily includes mentally stimulating tasks, the effects on noise on them is likely to have a profound effect on their productivity. What people need is a quiet, distraction free zone so that they can dedicate all their energy on the work at hand.

Interactive meetings and brainstorming sessions are few of the benefits of having an open plan office, however this may also be the source of daily grievances. A loud and lively meeting in an open plan office can be challenging for both, those attending meetings and those not involved. The noise from outside can affect the focus on brainstorming and the noise generated from the conversations during meetings can disturb others. Although designated meeting rooms are often created to solve this problem but in a large office, one single meeting room may not be enough.

Solutions, however, can often be found looking out of a window, or in this case at a window! Glass partitions are exactly the solution that you’re looking for; they help reduce open office noise by reflecting the noise back to the source. Glass partitions are often used as acoustic elements that help separate individual workstations, conference rooms, and other areas in office. While glass partitions can create closed areas like meeting rooms, they can also be used to create small partitions between open cubicles to reduce the noise in the entire office to acceptable levels. A benefit is that with cubicles still following the open office layout, the communication is not hampered but because of the presence of acoustically efficient glasses, the noise is contained.