Glass partitions have many benefits when installed in offices but most people only know of a few of them like team segregation, creation of an interactive atmosphere, and ease of maintenance. Here are a few more less-known advantages of installing glass partitions in your office –

More flexibility

Glass partitions are easy to mount and dismount and hence, provide you flexibility of placement without much cost added. So, if you want to make any changes to your interior after your first installation, you are free to move the glass. You can also add multiple features to your office by integrating different glass solutions in your office.

Cost reduction

With glass partitions allowing natural light to enter in the day time, your need for the use of artificial sources of electricity is reduced and thus, you can save on electricity costs. Besides this, costs are also saved in refurnishing or changes in interiors that are easy with glass as it is easy to move, cut, and reinstall.

Environmental Protection

By reducing energy consumption from the electricity grid, you are also reducing your carbon footprint which is the need of the century to save our environment. Rightly chosen energy-efficient glass can help maximize natural light in your office and also maintain temperature by restricting the heat flow caused by temperature differences. During winters, you will clearly have an edge in energy saving when using glass partitions and windows as they help you keep your office warm, reduce condensation, and minimize leakages.

Sound Proofing

Glass partitions also help in reducing noise pollution by making the office sound proof. Soundproofing is done by blocking sound from outside and absorbing one from inside your rooms. Use of thick glass, lamination and insulation gaps between panes can ensure better sound proofing. While a single glazed glass can provide sound transmission loss of up to 35dB, double glazed glass upto 45dB.