Most countries are now on the verge of ending lock-downs and allowing companies to operate normally. However, there is a rising concern of how they would protect their employees from the dangers of Corona that have clearly not abated. At this point, companies are keen to take any measures thinkable to keep their office spaces protected and ward off any possibility of infection.

So, here we provide you some ways you can protect yourself with glass partitions, proper cleaning and other measures that would be much easier than traditional ways.

Disinfectant: One measure that you can take is use the disinfectant mist to spray on all glass panes at least twice in a week. Quaternary Ammonium Chloride could be the ideal ingredient for your disinfectant in this case. For daily cleaning, you can use a regular disinfectant and a clean microfibre cloth to wipe out the dust, dirt, and infection. With microfibre, your liquid cleaner would be easily absorbed and the wipes would not leave any streaks on your glass walls.

Touch-free sliding doors: Glass partitions that are used in offices often come with knobs that people use to open rooms. However, in the event of Corona, you might want to install a touch-free sliding door as the infection mostly spreads by touching. Your employees can then be instructed to not use their hands but just push the doors with their legs to open or close them.

Self-cleaning glass: A notch above touch-free door would be a self-cleaning glass. Manual cleaning is much less fun and can be minimized with the use of self-cleaning glass. A toughened self-cleaning glass can automatically make removal of leftover debris easier by disintegrating the dirt. Such a glass is usually coated with a hydrophobic or hydrophilic coating. The coating uses UV light entering the glass to break down the organic particles on its surface. A mild abrasive soap mixed with water would be enough for cleaning such a glass as compared to specialist cleaner but of course, if you feel that its surface has been touched, it is advisable to add disinfectant spray to it too.