The play of natural light in office spaces

posted Mar 19 2020

When you think of productivity, you think of giving a great place to work to your employees. What comes to your mind is a list of creative and personal perks you can provide. But what if a simple thing like ...Read More


Innovation in Glass Partitions

posted Apr 03 2020

In the Modern era, where everyone looks for a great place to work, the ambience too matters as it speaks volumes about much a company cares for its employees and the brand. Here, Demountable glass partitions can play a significant ...Read More


Glass Partition can reduce open office noise

posted Apr 28 2020

People working in open offices are bombarded with the noise generated by phone calls, nearby traffic, conversations between people, and music or videos played by employees, hum of electronic devices. Modern workplaces are in dire need of change. Since their ...Read More


More transparency, More Productivity at Work!

posted May 19 2020

In this article, we will talk about the physical space and its importance in creating a productive atmosphere. We will explore how greater spatial transparency can lead to greater employee productivity. Spatial transparency can be created through the use of ...Read More


Benefits of installing glass partition for offices

posted May 21 2020

Glass partitions have many benefits when installed in offices but most people only know of a few of them like team segregation, creation of an interactive atmosphere, and ease of maintenance. Here are a few more less-known advantages of installing ...Read More